window.UserTagsJS = {
	modules: {},
	tags: {
		group1: 'Group 1 Displayed text'
		group2: 'Group 2',
		sysop: 'Admin Display Name'
                 rollback: 'Rollback Display Name'
                 bureaucrat: 'bureaucrat display name'
// Add custom groups to several users
UserTagsJS.modules.custom = {
	'User_1': ['group1', 'group2'],
	'User_2': ['group1'],
UserTagsJS.modules.autoconfirmed = true;
UserTagsJS.modules.newuser = true;
UserTagsJS.modules.inactive = 35; // Inactive if no edits in 35 days
UserTagsJS.modules.mwGroups = ['bureaucrat', 'sysop', 'rollback', 'bannedfromchat'];
importArticle({type:'script', article:'w:c:dev:UserTags/code.js'});

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